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Fantasy Football Preview - Edgerrin James

At this time of the year, Edgerrin James is often written off as an old RB on a bad team, or he’s touted as the sleeper of the year.   Usually, you’ll see him called both things.  This year though, the bad reviews outweigh the good.  Most everybody seems to think he’s deteriorating right before our eyes. 

Not me.

Edgerrin-james1_mediumI like Edgerrin James as a solid RB2 and the type of guy you can target if you select a QB or WR with one (or both) of your first two draft picks. 

Yes, "Edge" is on the old side but he’s not John McCain so don’t get carried away.  He started all sixteen games last season and carried the ball 324 times for 1222 yards and seven touchdowns.   That’s the same number of rushing touchdowns – with MORE rushing yards – than either Marshawn Lynch or Willis McGahee.  You probably didn't realize that, right?  Like those two guys, James is the center of the rushing offense without anybody challenging him.  He may see a few carries per game go to other runners as the Cardinals try to keep him fresh, but he is the workhorse of the team. 

There are very few running backs you can count on to get the ball 300+ times AND get the ball in the red zone.  Edgerrin James is one of them.  If Matt Leinart is even half the quarterback he was drafted to be, the Cardinals will have an excellent passing attack (Fitzgerald/Boldin/rookie Early Doucet), and a monstrous blocking tight end (6’8" Leonard Pope) in a weak division.  All the pieces are there for James to have another 1200+ rushing yard, 6-8 rushing touchdown season…again.  What more could you ask for in the late third/early fourth round?

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