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MLB Trade Rumors: Quick Update

None of the major media outlets are reporting this, but I heard for the 2nd day in a row on XM Radio's Baseball This Morning show with Mark Patrick and Buck Martinez, that the Dodgers are talking to the Orioles about Brian Roberts. Dan Duquette, who was being interviewed, also confirmed the two teams were talking. Not sure why the Rosenthals, Olneys, and Heymans of the world are not reporting this. Maybe they don't believe anything will happen due to the front office issues in LA. But I would love to see LA deal for him...possibly for Laroche, Hu or DeJesus, and McDonald. Baltimore is looking for a young SS.

Also wanted to mention that Baseball Prospectus has a Trade Deadline Roundtable beginning at 2:00 EST today. Hopefully Will Carroll will be leading the roundtable discussion.

ESPN also has a "live" Trade Deadline blog going on as I write this.

In other trade rumor activity:

Ken Rosenthal reported this morning that Ken Griffey has been traded to the White Sox pending his approval. No details as to who the Reds get.

And ESPN's Peter Gammons reports that the Marlins have traded for Arthur Rhodes in exchange for RHer Gabby Hernandez.