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Brandon Marshall Update -- Duck and Cover!

When I wrote this post on Denver WR1 Brandon Marshall, I thought it was possible he could be suspended.

Since then, Marshall was hit with restraining orders to keep away from three different people after stalking them.  Who are these people?  Nobody knows.  Marshall has time to stalk three different people?!  That's really not good. 

Now, even the hometown Denver Post thinks Marshall is damaged fantasy goods.

Marshall could get off the hook, but it seems more likely he would get two or four games. What then? The Broncos would turn to strength in numbers in the receiving game. Veterans Keary Colbert and Darrell Jackson are in camp and, unlike last season at this time, slot receiver Brandon Stokley is completely healthy.

This is bad.  Marshall is generally ranked as a Top 15 WR, but being suspended for 2-4 games knocks him down a few rounds.  If you draft him at all, you're running the risk that he does something else stupid in the future.  The odds of that don't seem to be going down.

Considering his two main  offensive weapons are Selvin Young and Keary Colbert,  this season could absolutely suck for Jay Cutler.