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Trade High

I don't drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs. The only buzzes I get are from an occasional Diet Coke. I do get high however. All of you fantasy baseball players know the feeling. The extreme high after making a great trade can carry a fantasy owner for days. I've been wheeling, dealing, and going after the high recently in my keeper league. I wrote about one of the trades in this space recently but, I'll recap them all for you.

Trade 1 - I trade Ryan Braun for Brad Lidge, Rich Harden, and Justin Morneau

Trade 2 - I then trade Justin Morneau for JD Drew and Johan Santana

Trade 3 (today) - Finally, I trade Johan Santana for Vladimir Guerrero, Michael Young, and Chad Billingsley

Since Trade #1 I've traded pieces of the first two deals for other pieces. I have a good lead in this league and at this point I want to step on their throats. I realize I'm trading top talent but, the Yoo-Hoo shower after winning a league will make any weakness in my keeper list tolerable.

Basically I dealt Ryan Braun and end of the bench guys like Jose Guillen, Jon Rauch, and others for Brad Lidge, Rich Harden, JD Drew, Michael Young, Vladimir Guerrero, and Chad Billingsley. I've traded for depth and feel my squad now has what it takes to win it all.

Fake Teams community, do tell me, should I be feeling high or am I trading while high?

PS. Minutes after completing today's trade Michael Young left the game with a broken finger. They say he'll be out for a week. Talk about a buzz kill