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MLB Trade Rumors: Let the Teixeira sweepstakes begin!

With the news today that the Braves have put Chipper Jones and Tim Hudson on the DL, coupled with the team losing 2 of 3 in Philly this weekend, the Braves have let it be known that Mark Teixeira is available.

Earlier this afternoon, Keith Law reported that at least 4 teams are in discussions for his services. Jayson Stark has confirmed the 4 teams: Diamondbacks, Rays, Red Sox and Angels.

Dave O'Brien from the Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that the Diamondbacks are deep in talks with the Braves for Tex. Possible returns include Chad Tracy or Conor Jackson plus a prospect.

Teixeira is known to be a very good 2nd half hitter, started the season off slow, but still possesses a 20-77-63-.281 line. He is a free agent after the season, and any team looking to trade for him will look to get him on the cheap, as Scott Boras is his agent. He will be an instant upgrade at 1b for almost any team in the majors, unless that team is the STL Cardinals.

In other trade rumor acitivity today:

Brian Fuentes is apparently off the market. Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd told that it's "highly unlikely" Colorado would trade Fuentes or Matt Holliday.
You can stop all the Manny to the Mets talk as the Mets have turned down all inquiries for another bat, due to the resurgence of Fernando Tatis. Tatis has been a saviour of sorts for the Mets. In 148 ABs, Tatis has hit to the tune of 7-26-17-.317, and has had numerous big hits for the Mets this year including a game-tying HR off of STL closer Ryan Franklin on Saturday night.

The Reds have taken Bronson Arroyo off the market as his high salary is hurting his trade value in discussions with other teams.

Apparently, JP Ricciardi is following Walt Jocketty's move by taking AJ Burnett off the market also. I think these are just negotiating ploys by both teams to help up the offers they are receiving.

The Jarrod Washburn on again-off again rumored trade to the Yankees is currently OFF for reasons I can't summarize in a couple sentences.

Elsewhere, the Cardinals have reportedly reinstated Jason Isringhausen as their closer after Ryan Franklin blew a couple save opportunities in the last week. Seriously? Izzy hasn't pitched much better. I think they want to see if he has anything left before dealing for Brian Fuentes or George Sherrill. But, they could still put Adam Wainwright in the closer role when he returns from the DL, but that is a few weeks away, and the Cards could be out of the race by then. The Cards are 4 games behind the Cubs and Brewers, so they should have Izzy on a short leash.

If the D-backs should make a deal for Teixeira, how quick will Ned Colletti be to counter with an offer for Manny Ramirez?