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Ranking The Best Fantasy Football Guides

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Here is a ranking of the various fantasy football magazines on the market. Personally, I have Rotowire, Fantasy Football Index and's magazines, and I disagree with the writer's rankings.

There is no way Fantasy Football Index is as far down as he ranks it. It is easy to read and has a wealth of information. Rotowire is ranked three of four stars, but I'd defintely give it four. Maybe that is because I agree with there stance on ranking for skills and the risks one must take, but I find it very readable, too.

I'd also include Pro Football Prospectus 2008 amongst the group. For the price of a trade paperback, you get a ton of general football knowledge and player information. if you want heavy statistical analysis, it is for you. if you just want the articles, the same. Or just player write-ups. Or fantasy rankings.