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MLB Trade Rumors: The Nats Asked For What From the Red Sox?

Yesterday's surprising deal between the Washington Nationals and Arizona Diamondbacks has some scratching their head.  Apparently, the Nationals have asked for much more than a speedy glove at 2B who has some plate discipline skills to refine.

The Boston Globe reports what the Nats asked from the Red Sox in exchange for Jon Rauch.  One can safely conclude it was more than what the Diamondbacks paid.

The Sox inquired about reliever Jon Rauch before he was traded by Washington to Arizona, but the Nationals were asking for top prospects Michael Bowden and Jed Lowrie.

In other trade rumor-related info:

New York Times:

The Mets are actively seeking another outfielder to offset the loss of Moises Alou, who had season-ending surgery on his left hamstring Tuesday, but Church’s probable return allows Minaya to concentrate on a right-handed hitter. The Mets remain interested in acquiring Cleveland’s Casey Blake, who is attractive because of his relative affordability (they would owe about $2 million on his $6.1 million contract) and his versatility (he plays the corner infield positions and right field).

More New York Times:

Washburn is one of the pitchers the Yankees are evaluating as they approach the July 31 nonwaiver trading deadline...Other pitchers the Yankees are monitoring include Bronson Arroyo of the Cincinnati Reds, a starter, and three relievers: Brian Fuentes of the Colorado Rockies, Dámaso Marte of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Josh Grabow, also of the Pirates.

The Yankees are also exploring hitters who could become available, including Jason Bay and Xavier Nady of the Pirates. But they are not expecting Colorado to trade outfielder Matt Holliday, and they doubt they can land a catcher to improve on the tandem of José Molina and Chad Moeller.

San Francisco Chronicle:

Near-daily Huston Street trade rumor: The Reds apparently have some interest in the A's closer, according to sources, and the Mets also might make a run at trying to get him.

Philadelphia Inquirer:

No one in the system is untouchable, Gillick said. He added that everyone is looking for pitching and catching.  So you can bet that everyone wants Carrasco and Marson, who are at double-A Reading.

Dallas Morning News:

New York Mets are scouting the Rangers during this series. The club is looking primarily for an outfielder, preferably a right-handed bat. A Los Angeles Dodgers scout was also at the game Tuesday.

Ken Rosenthal at

The Cardinals, whose bullpen has become almost a nightly issue, had two scouts in Baltimore on Tuesday night, presumably to watch Orioles closer George Sherrill. The Orioles want either a shortstop or outfielder for Sherrill, but the Cardinals don't have a shortstop who is close to the majors, and they're not going to trade Colby Rasmus for a reliever

Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus:

* Once again, no one seems to know what the Dodgers are doing. Reports that they’re showcasing Andy LaRoche and discussing Matt Kemp in deals are balanced against discussions involving Jack Wilson on the low end and Mark Teixeira on the high end. A rumor has been making the rounds that the Dodgers would be willing to eat some of Andruw Jones‘ deal and send him back as part of a package for Teixeira were shot down by both sides.

* The Marlins certainly have the payroll room to be buyers, but they seem more focused on the small fish. They’d like to get a closer and Brian Fuentes is at the top of their list. The Rockies closer is available and seems likely to go before the deadline. Several other teams are in on this, but two sources have told me that the Marlins are very aggressively pursuing a deal.