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NL MVP, Cy Young & ROY Leaders

This is the week I am going (want?) to start giving more credence to the standings of a player's team when considering the MVP barring just sick efforts by a player on a non-contender.  With the standings too close to call.  To see last week's American league results, visit  Rotojunkie.  The top three was quite a surprise. 

NL Cy Young:
1. Ben Sheets Milwaukee Brewers
2. Tim Lincecum San Francisco Giants
3. Edinson Volquez Cincinnati Reds

These remain unchanged from two weeks ago.  Sheets gets the nod because the Brewers are in contention, but I went with Lincecum and Volquez because there numbers (Ws, Ks and ERA) are much better than those of the dual aces in Chciago, Carlos Zambrano and Ryan Dempster.  Any slippage in those three categories will drop Lincecum or Volquez.

I wanted to include Dan Haren or Brandon Webb, but I can't get rid of the throw-up in my mouth from a sub-.500 1st place team.  And really, isn't Cole Hamels more deserving than either for the 4th spot.

1.  Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals
2.  Chase Utley, Philadelphia Phillies
3.  Pat Burrell, Philadelphia Phillies

This was tough as Lance Berkman has the gaudiest numbers thanks to his 15 SB.  When I looked at his performance relative to his peers, Albert Pujols had a better AVG and OBP.  Since the Cardinals are in the play-off hunt, Pujols gets the nod.

I believe Chase Utley will win the award this season thanks to the edge his postion, and the way he plays it, gives him.  However, the much-maligned Pat Burrell deserves mention.  One can't help wonder if Burrell's 1.000 OPS is what is allowing Ryan Howard's abyssmal AVG to remain a State secret.

1.  Geovanny Soto Chicago Cubs
2.  Kosuke Fukudome Chicago Cubs
3.  Jair Jurrjens, Atlanta Braves

This stays unchanged.  If the Cubs stay in 1st place, the voters will reward there efforts by making Soto and Fukudome numbers 1 and 2 in the ROY voting.  Could middle reliever Cory Wade of the Los Angeles Dodgers sneak in here if he helps stabilize their bullpen and the Dodgers win their division?