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Giants Trade Shockey To Saints

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The NY Giants traded away a guy they didn’t need when they won the Super Bowl last year, TE Jeremy Shockey.  Shockey will now bring his “skills” to the New Orleans Saints.

The Giants will get second- and fifth-round draft choices for the oft-injured four-time Pro Bowler who started complaining about his role after the stunning Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots, a win accomplished with Shockey sidelined with a broken leg.

New York rejected a similar offer from the Saints before the NFL draft, hoping to get a starting player or a first-round draft pick.

The Giants, however, did an about-face Monday in a move focused on promoting team harmony and getting rid of an unhappy player who has been known to say too much.

The biggest fantasy impact from this move is the upgrade to QB Drew Brees.  Brees needed an outlet receiver and TE Eric Johnson wasn’t it.  You could argue this makes the #3 QB in fantasy.  Maybe.

Other upgrades are TE Kevin Boss, the Giants’ new starter and all the Saints RBs, as Shockey is an excellent blocker.   

The big downgrade is Eric Johnson, who now isn’t worth drafting at all.  RB Reggie Bush is also downgraded a bit, as Shockey should take some of the receptions that Bush would normally grab.   This move will also hurt RB Brandon Jacobs as he loses the blocking I mentioned earlier.

It probably has no net change on QB Eli Manning.  Boss proved himself to be a fine pass-catching TE and the Giants did, you know, win the Super Bowl with him.   It may not translate into a better performance (although it might), but Eli is probably very happy the Shockey Show has moved on.