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Grady Sizemore Hitting Third And Other Notes

Grady Sizemore stole his team-leading 23rd base yesterday.  As the Indians' lead-off hitter, that makes sense intuitively.  However, Sizemore also leads the Indians in HRs with 22 and SLG at .538.  Is there any reason he isn't batting 3rd?

Dustin Pedroia has 20 doubles this season to go along with a .322 AVG.  Is he next's season's Aaron Hill, a player who  will be projected to kick his performance up another level only to disappoint?

Detroit Tigers' ace Justin Verlander won his 8th game yesterday.  With it, he lowered his ERA to 3.95.  Since June, he has a 2.48 ERA in 61.7 innings with 55 Ks.  Keep this lesson in mind over the remaining two months or so of the season.  Pitcher's with bad ERA can pitch brilliantly and yet will not be noticed until it is too late.

Um, I think Ryan Braun has proven he was a leigtimate high-round pick.  At .295 with 24 Hrs and 9 SBs, he should be a solid 1st round pick next season.

In mixed leagues, here is a player to grab.  Scott Hairston of the San Diego Padres hit his 15th HR of the season.  There are just 60 other hitters who have the same number of HRs or more.

Staying in the NL West, Chris B. Young of Arizona stole his 6th base yesterday.  His 6th!  Yeah, he won't be selected any earlier than the teens rounds next year.

Can someone explain why the Seattle Mariners' are giving any at-bats whatsoever to Miguel Cairo - as a first baseman?  I don't care if the 2000 version of Randy Johnson was on the mound, there is no way Bryan LaHair doesn't get every single at-bat at the position.