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A Rare Kevin Jones Sighting

Running back Kevin Jones has been quietly recuperating from knee surgery ever since the Lions cut him in a somewhat surprising move before the NFL Draft.   He put on a show for NFL scouts, but only four teams bothered sending anybody.

Kevin Jones went through a workout Saturday while four NFL teams watched the running back sprint and cut just five months after he had major knee surgery.

Dr. D.S. Ping, who has been helping Jones rehabilitate his right knee, said Miami, Green Bay, Pittsburgh and Detroit sent representatives to the workout in Saline, Mich.

The Lions cut their former first-round pick in March with one year left on his contract after he hurt the knee late last season, adding to the injury woes that have stunted his success in the league.

The Cleveland Browns also called, Ping said, and asked for a video of the workout.

And what were the RB-needy Texans doing at this time?  Watching cartoons?  Come in Houston!

Anyway, Jones would have no fantasy value on the Dolphins, Packers or Steelers so let's hope he doesn't go there.   He would be a backup for Jamal Lewis in Cleveland, but that's not any good either.   

However, Jones would arguably be the starting running back for the Lions if he ended up there.  A healthy Jones is probably better than Tatum Bell, and rookie Kevin Smith is still untested (though he has promise).   Of course, it would make the Lions look like idiots to cut Jones in favor of Bell, draft a rookie RB because you don't like Bell, then bring back Jones because you don't like the rookie you just drafted, but hey, these are the Lions.   So anything's possible.