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Uh-oh...Westbrook Mentions Holdout

This doesn't sound good.

Brian Westbrook, the Eagles' All-Pro running back, recently suggested that he might hold out from training camp in a display of discontent over his contract.

Toward that end, Westbrook has fired his agent, Fletcher Smith, and is leaning toward hiring Lamont Smith of All Pro Sports & Entertainment Inc., according to published reports citing an anonymous source.

Attempts to reach Fletcher Smith were unsuccessful Thursday.

The report also quoted Westbrook as saying he probably wouldn't hold out from training camp, but hadn't made up his mind.

Camp opens Monday at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa., when rookies and selected veterans are scheduled to report by 5 p.m. The rest of the team is scheduled to report by Thursday evening.

Even if Westbrook does miss some training camp, heck even if he misses all of it, it likely won't affect his performance this season.  If anything, Westbrook should be more focused on racking up big stats this season so he can renegotiate his contract.  It's possible that Westbrook's new agents will convince him to do something stupid, but it's not likely.

If Westbrook were to hold out until fantasy drafts start, it would be a great opportunity to have him drop a few extra slots.   Westbrook is going to be a monster in PPR leagues again this season.