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Most Surprising 1st Half Pitchers

Just as there were surprise hitters at the half way point, there are surprise pitchers.  These are a little more well known given the attention given to them at the All-Star Game.  Is there anyone who doesn't think the American league starting pitcher for the game, Justin Duchscherer, isn't the most surprising pitcher of the first half?  Who doesn't think he isn't followed closely by fellow All-Stars Cliff Lee and Edinson Volquez?

But I want to name a few lesser recognized surprises on the mound.  These are relievers who have racked-up Wins despite making no starts.  For many of these guys, there was no reason to think they'd have any value whatsoever.  I have also included a teammate of each who has likely garnered more interest.

1.  Jamey Wright, Texas Rangers: 6W, 1SV, 4.39 ERA in 53.1 IP
    Starting Teammate:  Kevin Millwood:  6W, 5.11 ERA in 100.1 IP
2.  Heath Bell, San Diego Padres: 6W, 2.15 ERA in 50.1 IP
    Starting Teammate:  Randy Wolf, 4W, 4.66 ERA in 114 IP
3.  Ron Mahay, Kansas City Royals: 5W, 1.84 ERA in 49 IP
    Starting Teammate:  Gil Meche, 6W, 4.71 ERA in 120.1 IP
4.  Joel Hanrahan, Washington Nationals: 5W, 4.01 ERA in 58.1 IP
    Starting Teammate:  Odalis Perez, 2W in 17 starts
5.  Matt Guerrier, Minnesota Twins: 5W, 3.35 ERA in 51 IP
    Starting Teammate: Glenn Perkins, 6 W, 4.14 ERA in 78.1 IP