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Kevin Jones To The Bears? is reporting that former Lions' RB Kevin Jones will soon be signing a contract with the Bears.

Rotonews seems to think that Jones will grab the majority of carries from rookie Matt Forte, but I don't agree.  

Kevin Jones isn't a small guy (5'11", 221 lbs) but Matt Forte is even bigger at 6'2" and 222 lbs. 

Jones is coming off a knee injury and was cut by the Lions.  The Lions!  The same Lions team that is planning to start some combination of Tatum Bell and rookie Kevin Smith.   OK, let me drive that point home again.

The Lions took a look at Kevin Jones and said "Hmm, how about instead of this guy, we go with Tatum Bell and Silent Bob from 'Clerks'?  Yeah, let's do that."

Make no mistake, this isn't a good move for fantasy players.  It adds one more team to the list of Running Backs By Committee (RRBC) and lowers Matt Forte's value.

But it probably lowers it enough that Forte becomes a late round afterthought in your fantasy draft -- which makes him a nice sleeper.  Use caution, but don't let this move scare you away from Forte.