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MLB Trade Rumors: Adrian Beltre to Where?

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With All-Star game festivities and mid-season recaps to report upon, most trade rumors are muted today.  However, there are a few hints within several local papers.

The biggest being the Minnesota Twins interest in Seattle Mariners' 3B Adrian Beltre.  So much for the Mike Lamb signing.  I would be shocked to see the Twins acquire a player with $18MM or so remaining on his contract, though.

Here is a list of some of them with links.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

"The Twins recently contacted Seattle to inquire about third baseman Adrian Beltre as they look for ways to boost their offense against lefthanded pitching, a club source said."

Arizona Republic:

 "As trade talks continue, the Diamondbacks keep finding asking prices for veterans to be higher than they're willing to pay. As in, pitching prospects Max Scherzer and Jarrod Parker. Both are highly unlikely to be traded."

Boston Globe:

 "Brandon Moss is one of the Sox' biggest chips in any deal for a top reliever. But the team wants no part of dealing him. Francona really likes the kid and though the Sox might be better off with a righthanded bat off the bench (the team recently released Bobby Kielty from Triple A), Moss keeps showing them why he's the guy who should stay."

Houston Chronicle:

"With the non-waiver trade deadline less than three weeks away, the Astros likely won't ship off any high-priced veterans, many of whom have no-trade clauses. Wade admits the shortcomings of the minor leagues but believes there is enough talent to make a trade to improve the club — this year or next."

Los Angeles Times:

"DeJesus said that, under orders from the Dodgers' front office, he has been playing two of every three games at second base in recent weeks for double-A Jacksonville, Fla. He said he has heard "some rumors" from the coaching staff as to why the Dodgers no longer want him playing exclusively at shortstop, but he would not say whether those rumors included the possibility of the Dodgers' promoting him to the major leagues as a utility infielder, promoting him to triple-A Las Vegas as a second baseman or showcasing him for a trade."


"An acquisition of Raul Ibañez would play well in the Mets' clubhouse. As Carlos Beltran told Newsday's Anthony Rieber, Beltran thinks highly of Ibañez from their days together in Kansas City. Johan Santana, who was Beltran's and Ibañez's American League Central rival in Minnesota, also is said to be high on Ibañez, whom the Mariners intend to trade."

Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

"The Arizona Diamondbacks have made preliminary contact with the Mariners hoping they can land Raul Ibanez to fill an opening in left field.  However, the Mariners are feeling no urgency to deal, even with the trade deadline two weeks away, and the Diamondbacks are feeling the Mariners' reluctance."