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Unloved Favre Wants To Be Loved (Somewhere Else)

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Brett Favre has been making noise about un-retiring for a while.   He seems to have realized the Packers don't want him any more, so he's asked them to release him

The Packers statement said Favre now has the right to petition NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to be reinstated, at which point he would return to the team's active roster.


But the statement did not specify what the Packers would do after that, beyond doing "what's right and in the best interest of the team."


If the team has committed to moving forward without Favre, their options once he was reinstated would include trading him to another team or releasing him so he would be free to sign with the team of his choice. The Packers already have committed to going with quarterback Aaron Rodgers, a first-round pick in 2005 who has been sitting behind Favre for his first three seasons in the NFL.

Wow, this has really gotten out of control.  At this point, I think Favre has leverage over the Packers brass by requesting this release.   Now, Favre can privately say to the Packers: "Release me.....or I'll unretire and then you'll be forced to start me.  Biatches!"  

Well played Brett.  The plot thickens...