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Travis Henry Reportedly Busted For Pot

A "highly-placed NFL source" is reporting that former Broncos RB Travis Henry tested positive for marijuana during a recent drug test.  Uh-oh.

That information came from the same highly-placed NFL source that broke news of failed drug tests by both Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams and Henry to FOX 31 in the past.

“He is coming up for a year suspension,” the source told Josina Anderson.

This is the second time Henry is facing a possible one-year suspension from the NFL.

Well, that's not good. Henry managed to argue his way out of a pot suspension last season, but while he has a good lawyer there's no telling if he'll do it again.  It almost doesn't matter though, it's doubtful many teams will take a chance on him now that it seems he has a habitual problem.  Apparently.  Ahem.

I had Henry as one of my super-sleepers for the year, but he's off that list now.