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Minor League All-Star team

Last week, Baseball America' Prospect Hot Sheet was devoted to the Minor League All-Star Team for 2008. Any serious fantasy player and/or fan of baseball should familiarize themselves with these players as they will be the headliners in the 2009 season. Head over there to see a couple more players per position who didn't make the first team.

Three Huntsville hitters? I wonder if this team will prove to be better than the 2005 Jacksonville Suns one that had Russ Martin, James Loney, Andy LaRoche, etc?

Pos Player Org
C Matt Wieters Baltimore
1B Chris Davis Texas
2B Chris Coghlan Florida
SS Alcides Escobar Milwaukee
3B Mat Gamel Milwaukee
LF Matt LaPorta Milwaukee
CF Dexter Fowler Colorado
RF Jason Heyward Atlanta
DH Max Ramirez Texas
SP Trevor Cahill Oakland
SP Tommy Hanson Atlanta
SP Michael Bowden Boston
SP Jeremy Hellickson Tampa Bay
RP Anthony Slama Minnesota

Here are a couple of comments from Keith Law of Scouts, Inc on Matt Wieters and Chris Davis.

If Wieters is Mike Piazza with defense, then the Pittsburgh Pirates need to fire Dave Littlefield again.

Muzzy (Leicester): I'm sure you're tired of Chris Davis questions, but...what do you make of him? High-strikeout, high-batting average, unreal power, and he zoomed through the minors. What's he going to look like when the dust settles?

Keith Law: (1:25 PM ET ) The power is huge, and I think he'll cut the Ks enough to hit .270-.280 when he's fully developed. But that's a few years down the line. He isn't ready to hit major-league pitching consistently - I mean, on a regular enough basis - but leaving him in AAA was pointless. Someone might have gotten hurt.

VK (DC): Is Matt Weiters potentially Mike Piazza good?

Keith Law: (2:16 PM ET ) Potentially a better overall player. Has defensive skills Piazza didn't.