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MLB Trade Rumors: Matt Holliday To Tampa Bay?

The next pitcher to be dealt?  Colorado Rockies' LHP Brian Fuentes is a good guess.  With Manny Corpas seemingly back on track, the Rockies can deal their closer and replace him with Corpas.  Rockies' GM Dan O'Dowd said exactly that according to the Denver Post.

While that info is valuable to fantasy players speculating on the next closer, it is by far the least interesting information reported.  Sit down.  Here is what the Rox would like to receive from the Tampa Bay Rays for Fuentes.

"...any trade proposal has to be better than what the Rockies believe they could get in the draft. The Rockies like Tampa Bay Double-A starters Wade Davis and Jeremy Hellickson. They would love to pry away former No. 1 overall pick David Price, a starter, but the Rays would only talk about him in a deal involving Matt Holliday.."

Good luck with that.  The Rays would consider dealing Price in a deal for Matt Holliday?  I seriously, seriously doubt that.  As a matter of fact, Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus told Jeff Erickson on Fantasy Focus that this was the most ridiculous rumor he has heard so far this year.

Here is some other trade-related info from across the league.

San Diego Padres:
*  The arrival of Brian Myrow could signal the availability of Tony Clark is trade discussions.
*  With the acquistion of Rich Harden, SP Randy Wolf has lost one potential suitor.  A scout from a contending club says Wolf's road ERA (6.66) scares other teams. (And the very superstitious!)

St. Louis Cardinals:
*  Manager Tony LaRussa wants to counter the moves by the Brewers and Cubs, but GM John Mozeliak remains focused on the future.
Joe Strauss reports "a number of players have inquired how the club may try to improve. La Russa did not deny sensing the vibe."  That can't be good for clubhouse chemistry - players and manager wanting to improve and a GM seeing this year's performance as contradictory to long-term strategy.

New York Yankees:
Tyler Kepner reports Hank Steinbrenner says "the club was less willing to trade prospects for short-term gain than it used to be," and mentions Wolf and Brian Fuentes as options.
*  In the previously mentioned Denver Post story, the Rox believe AA reliever Mark Melancon is a possibility for Brian Fuentes.  I seriously doubt that given what Steinbrenner said.  Why deal 2.5 months of a reliever versus six seasons of Melancon?

Philadelphia Phillies:
*  Manager Charlie Manual wants another bat and Richard Hoffman suggests a high AVG hitter to complement the slugging line-up.  Where this bat will play is unaddressed.  Tony Clark looks like a good bat for the bench, though.