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MLB Trade Rumors: Peter Gammons on the Chicago Cubs and C.C. Sabathia

Peter Gammons of reports the Chicago Cubs are keeping in touch with the Cleveland Indians about the availability of LHP C.C. Sabathia but doubt they have the pieces to get C.C.  He also reports the Cubs have interest in Rich Harden of Oakland, Randy Wolf in San Diego and A.J. Burnett of Toronto.  Mr. Gammons gets a Cubs official to say, "It may come down to July 28, but we almost certainly will do something. But we really don't want to give up Gallagher at this point."

Some other Sabathia rumblings reported by Peter Gammons:
New York Yankees:  There but GM Brian Cashman doesn't want to trade for him.
Philadelphia Phillies:  Do not over look them.  I agree.  A package of lesser-known prospects like OF Greg Golson and 2B Adrian Cardenas are more attractive than the public knowledge about them indicates.
Tampa Bay Rays: There but can't see how they can sign him.  More focused on a right-handed bat.

Despite a first place standings, Gammons reports the Chicago White Sox will sit out the trade market barring an injury to their starting pitchers.  Given how rare it is for there to be no injuries in any team's rotation, I take this with a grain of salt.  The bigger factor keeping the White Sox out of the trade market would be there kiddie pool shallow minor league system.