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BABIP Leaders & Laggards

Every time one of the BABIP leaders pitches a good game like Chicago White Sox righty Gavin Floyd did yesterday, fantasy players forget about BABIP as a indicator of future performance. How could it be right if it has been so worng so far? Not to pick on Floyd whose 20/1 K/BB over his past three starts shouldn't be forgotten, but BABIP is independent of even those great peripherals. Pitch and your BABIP goes to .300.

Conversely, every time a BABIP laggard pitches a ppor game, fantasy players conclude their isn't good things in that hurlers future as their high BABIP would indicate. I mena, come on, Florida Marlins' starter Andrew Miller has been on this list for months. Eventually, you conclude he stinks, right?

BABIP Leaders. Sell High?:

Justin Masterson BOS 6.7 0.177
Greg Reynolds COL 2.4 0.188
Armando Galarraga DET 6 0.191
Claudio Vargas NYN 5.2 0.193
Gavin Floyd CHA 5.2 0.207
Shaun Marcum TOR 7.5 0.215
Ryan Dempster CHN 7.1 0.221
Scott Olsen FLO 4.6 0.223
Joe Saunders ANA 4.3 0.237
John Lackey ANA 6.1 0.238
Scott Kazmir TBA 8.8 0.243

BABIP Laggards. Buy low?:

Douglas Mathis TEX 4 0.387
Bronson Arroyo CIN 8.7 0.378
Andrew Miller FLO 7.5 0.376
Ian Snell PIT 7 0.374
Doug Davis ARI 6.6 0.365
Livan Hernandez MIN 2.8 0.351
Mike Pelfrey NYN 4.4 0.351
Jarrod Washburn SEA 5.5 0.351
Jorge De La Rosa COL 8.4 0.35
C.C. Sabathia CLE 9 0.349
Barry Zito SFN 4.8 0.349
Dustin McGowan TOR 7.1 0.347