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Worst Fantasy Trade Of The Season (So Far)

Watching Joba Chamberlain pitch against the Kansas City Royals yesterday, I was vividly reminded of what I consider my worst trade of the season-to-date. I dealt Jose Guillen for Cleveland Indians reliever Rafael Betancourt. At the time, Betancourt was closing for the Indians, Joe Borowski wasn't yet pitching in minor league games and Jose Guillen was hitting .189 with 3 HR and 15 RBI.

I was aware I'd be selling Jose Guillen low. After all he was given a three-year/$36MM contract and wasn't going to go anywhere but the everyday line-up to work out his issues. Reports had Betancourt returning to the bullpen when Borowski returned, but I figured JoBo hadn't returned yet and Betancourt would remain a viable closing option in 2009 after JoBo's contract expires.

I am no longer sure of the second consideration. Betancourt has been awful since I acquired him - 11.1 innings pitched, 12 earned runs and a 2.12 WHIP with zeros in the Wins and Saves columns. Given he wasn't very good before that spell, I can see the Indians continuing down the Todd Jones Closer path the Tigers took. Without a tested (and passed) 9th inning reliever, why wouldn't the Indians give JoBo a one-year deal for 2009?

With all trades there are two sides to successfully judging them. What I acquired in the deal has not worked. How about Jose Guillen for the other side? In fewer ABs than he had on my team, Guillen has hit 7 HRs, driven in 32 and hit .351.

Given I am OK with hitting, that wouldn't hurt so much, but I acquired Betancourt to also help my last- and next-to-last ratios. Instead of helping stabilize those, Betancourt has helped keep them pegged at the bottom.

Anyway I slice this, Rafael Betancourt for Jose Guillen has been a miserable failure of a trade for me. What has been your worst trade to date?