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Bailing Pet Peeves

What are your biggest fantasy pet peeves? At Fantasy Baseball Generals , Patrick DiCaprio lists his along with a link to the Poughkeepsie Journal that has a whole slew more.  Mr. Dicaprio's top one, "Owners that lowball trades and declare players “untouchable”, is probably close to universal.

Amongst all the peeves listed, I saw none pertianing to bailing.  Maybe that is because most fantasy players are in mixed, non-keeper formats.  Maybe not.  Bailing itself is a pet peeve as it destroys the trade market between teams at the top of the standings and those who at near the bottom and do not want to give-up.

Here are more bail-related pet peeves.

1. Teams that bail to other teams with their best players and then come and offer you their worst - but for the best bail pieces you have.
2. Even more annoying, those bailing teams act as if they aren't doing that.
3. Bail teams that don't know what bailing is - they make offers and counteroffers that have them winning the deal in the current season and future ones.  The only thing saving bail trades from being recognized as the league-destroying force they are is the bailing teams gets future value at the expense of current.
4. Teams that declare they are bailing and then don't do anything for a couple weeks.
5. Being the recipient of a bail deal and finishing behind the team that bailed.