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Five Potential Sleepers For June

With everyday hitters logging 200+ ABs at this point in the season, it is easy for the fantasy player to miss the potential full-time producers sitting in their free agent pool because they have too few ABs to stand out in the counting stats. Here is a list of five players who should not be forgotten over the next week or two. AL- and NL-Only leagues should make sure they do not remain in the free agent pool.

Reggie Abercrombie OF Houston Astros: He was recalled to take the place of 5th OF Jose Cruz, Jr. With an always tantalizing package of speed and power, he stays on fantasy radar. After an always-disappointing performance, he stays in free agent pools. With Michael Bourn struggling, Abercrombie could get a couple starts per week and provide cheap steals for the NL SB leading Astros.

Mike Aviles SS Kansas City Royals: The Royals finally concluded Tony Pena Jr. does not hit enough to be more than a late-inning defensive replacement. The initial report had Esteban German taking over, but Aviles got the start last night and hit two doubles. The 27-year-old had 37 XBHs before being recalled a week or so ago.

Juan Rivera OF Los Angeles Angels: After the team refused to trade the pending free agent, Rivera has gathered just 48 ABs for the Angels. With Vladimir Guerrero's barking knee, Rivera could be ready to produce in the way that makes him a viable trade candidate and a cheap keeper in 2009. His zero HRs and zero SBs on the season likely make him immently available.

Reggies Willits OF Los Angeles Angels: Even more was expected from Willits following his 27 SB/.391 OBP rookie 2007 season. Instead, he got one AB in April. He was sent back to AAA and quickly recalled in the beginning of August. His one SB says he can be had as easily as Juan Rivera.

Jordan Schafer OF Atlanta Braves: Schafer is not in the major leagues yet, but he has torn the cover off the ball after serving a 50-game suspension for HGH possession. I'd say "use" but MLB has no test for it so Schafer couldn't be definitively be proven to have used it. Since returning to action at AA Mississippi on june 2nd, he has hit 8-21 with a double, triple, and three HRs. He has also drawn six walks and stolen three bases.