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John Smoltz Is Finished

Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus has confirmed that the 11:30 AM press conference by the Atlanta Braves is to announce that John Smoltz is finished for the season. Smoltz looks like a sure-fire Hall-of-Famer. If only he could get Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine to retire after this season....

With this news, fantasy players will scramble to get Rafael Soriano into their line-ups. I'm not completely sold on his health, though. Adding Manny Acosta is a smart move as manager Bobby Cox said he'd be splitting the closer duties amongst Smoltz, Soriano and Acosta.

This was just a day ago, but I can't help wondering about the inclusion of a third pitcher in a closing committee. This seems to signal the health of Smoltz and Soriano are shaky, no? You'd think closing every other save would be enough recovery time, right?

A sleepr for saves is Mike Gonzalez who could be up within a week or two.