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All-WTF Team: The Prequel - The All-C'mon-Man Team

Last week, I provided the All-WTF Team based on players who you look at their production and think, "WTF?  How can those players be doing so well?"  What I did not provide are the conditions that made a fantasy owner think WTF in the first place.

Here is that team.  Everyday you check the boxscores of your players and think, "C'mon, man.  How can you be so bad?  I drafted Derek Jeter in the 5th round and thought I had a bargain, and Jerry Hairston has 9 SBs and a better AVG?  WTF!"

All C'mon-Man Team:

C: Victor Martinez, Cleveland Indians:  All you need to know is a sort by HRs for catchers at does not turn up VMart amongst the Top 50.  He still has zero, and then news came out Monday that the hamstring he hurt on Opening Day is still effecting him.  Like Robbie from Wedding Singer said, "Once again, things that could've been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!"
Honorable mention: Carlos Ruiz Philadelphia Phillies:  With just a 35-year-old journeyman to compete against, Ruiz hasn't improved on his rookie season.  In fact, he seems like the only Phillie who can't take advantage of his hitting-friendly confines.  A .296 SLG at Citizens' Bank Ballpark from a catcher who hit 29 doubles in less than 400 ABs last season seemed impossible.  (.423 at CBP in 2007.)

1B: Paul Konerko Chicago White Sox: 30+ HRs four season in a row at the best HR ballpark in the majors.  He's on pace for 18 despite improved walk rates.  The worry is that improvement is a sign he's turning into the kid in Little League who couldn't hit so he looked for walks instead.
Honorable mention:  Ryan Garko Cleveland Indians:  He lost major playing time to Mike Aubrey.  After a .289 AVG and 21 HR 2007, Garko was a sleeper.  On pace for 12 Hrs, he has also greatly improved his walk rate.

2B: Robinson Cano New York Yankees:  A not-typical Yankees arbitration premptive strikeout in the form of a four-year-$30MM contract has back-fired so far.  Talks of batting titles and big-time production from the 5-hole are put off another season.
Honorable mention: Rickie Weeks Milwaukee Brewers:  A .207 AVG is just killer, but he has at least stole bases and hit HRs.

SS: Troy Tulowitzki Colorado Rockies:  25 HRs and 99 RBIs from a SS had TT being taken in the 4th round of most fantasy drafts.  He hit  just .152 with a HR before a quad injury now makes fantasy owners clog their DL spot in hopes 2007 comes back at the All-Star Break.
Honorable mention: Derek Jeter New York Yankees:  There but for the grace of Troy Tulowitzki go I.  There are so many SS who provide better value and production than the most-overrated player in baseball.  Jeff Keppinger anyone?

3B: Alex Gordon Kansas City Royals:  Just 5 HRs and 2 SBs puts Gordon behind last year's disappointing totals.  His .280 AVG was supposed to be accompanied by better counting stats.
Honorable mention: Brandon Wood Los Angeles Angels:  With ABs to be seized thanks to the endless injuries to the utility infielders Mike Soscia loves, Wood has managed to go 6-50 with a homerun, six walks and 17 strikeouts.

OF: Delmon Young Minnesota Twins:  Zero HRs?  That is as many as Jason Bartlett has hit in Tampa Bay.  Young was supposed to improve the Twins' power.
OF: Jeff Francouer Atlanta Braves:  Delmon Young would kill for his 6 HRs, but Frenchy was expected to hit 30 this year.  After all, his improved plate discipline was supposed to augur more power.
OF: Vladimir Guerrero Los Angeles Angels:  His speed is gone.  He is no longer a 40 HR threat, but a .256 AVG?  AVG was supposed to maintain Vlad in the top tiers of OFers.  Without it, he's just...Garrett Anderson.
Honorable mention:  Adam Jones Baltimore Orioles:  Who thought Jones would play full-time and be on pace for 6 HRs and 12 SBs with a mere 54 RBIs?
Nick Swisher Chicago White Sox:  The move the Cellular Field was supposed to bring 40 HRs seasons for the former Oakland A.  Instead, he's at the Medoza Line and on pace for 12.
Eric Byrnes Arizona Diamondbacks:  21 Hrs and 50 SBs in 2007 set the bar too high, but who thought Byrnes would have just four SBs in 7 attempts after going 50-57 last year?  Byrnes has dealt with leg issues since Spring Training.  Makes you wish the D'backs stuck him on the D.L. a lot sooner, then we wouldn't have to think he is ready to break out for two months!