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Why Fantasy Experts Do Not Win

Last Thursday, Matthew Bery made an admission on ESPN's Fantasy Focus podcast that you don't hear very often in the world of fantasy punditry. He stated flat out that most fantasy players would beat him if he joined their league.

This may seem contradictory. How could a Regular Joe beat the head of fantasy sports for the hegemonic ESPN? Very easily said Mr. Berry. That Regular Joe only has to concentrate on his team while the fantasy expert has to focus on covering all of the teams and players and has to provide information about them for the Regular Joe to consume.

I'll take that somewhat further. The Regular Joe does not make his fantasy strategies available to the other teams in his league like the fantasy expert does. Nor does he announce his lists of sleepers, duds and breakout players for all to read.

Mr. Berry spent the off-season screaming that he thought Saves were not worth paying for. Assuming he is correct, then how can he execute that belief in his leagues without others doing the same resulting in everyone wating on saves and likely driving the price up? Or having others grab closers right before Mr. Berry's selections just to thwart him?

If you think a fantasy expert can announce all his or her strategies about the game whilst his/her competitors keep theirs to themselves and still win, then...Geez, does anyone even think that can happen?