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Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees: The Starting Debut Of Joba Chamberlain

Finally, Joba Chamberlain will make his first start of his major league career.  He is slated to throw no more than four innings so he won't get his first Win as a starting pitcher.  Whether ot no the Blue Jays line-up is good enough to push Joba's pitch counts higher than 70 before he throws four innings is really the only question.

Interestingly, Peter Pasquerelli of ESPN has repeatedly mentioned that some Yankees' veterans did not want Joba to move from the bullpen.  I can see that reasoning because those vets are not concerned about 2009, and, as a result of being a Yankee and a veteran, are likely set for life financially.  Why would they care about Joba Chamberlain's earnings' path.

Mr. Pasquerelli mentioned in today's Baseball Today podcast that Alex Rodriguez is caught up in the hoopla surrounding Joba's debut as are most of the other players.  Let's hope no one is disappointed.