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Fantasy Football Mock Draft - MCD Experts Draft #2

The always outstanding Mock Draft Central recently had it’s second FFL Experts Mock Draft, which you can find here.  

Having mock drafts in June is a little bit goofy considering how many player battles still need to be resolved, but it’s fun to start looking at them.  The first six picks were:

Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson, Steven Jackson, Westbrook, Lynch and Addai.

I expect those guys to be the top six RB – in some order – for the entire preseason, but it’s interesting that Brady doesn’t show up as a top six pick.   Randy Moss come up at #7 overall – which I think is a huge stretch – but Brady didn’t get drafted until the second pick of the second round.   Even in a league with depressed QB scoring (4 pts per passing TD for example) I think Brady has to go earlier than that.

The rest of the first round (picks 8-12) was Marion Barber, Clinton Portis, Willis McGahee, Larry Johnson and Frank Gore.  

I’m high on Marion Barber, but I don’t see how he earns that kind of draft slot with Felix Jones swiping carries.  You could make a case on Clinton Portis being a top six RB if Jason Campbell breaks out with his new rookie receivers this season so it will be interesting to see how he moves on draft lists this summer. McGahee has to deal with a Kyle Boller-led offense which isn’t good.   Same thing with Larry Johnson and Brody Croyle.  Gore now has “help” in DeShaun Foster, which will be an interesting situation.

As far as RBs go, I think four of those first six RBs listed above (LT, Jackson, Westbrook, and Addai) are easily a level above every other fantasy RB.  Maybe you could make a case for Portis, but right now it’s those four and then everybody else.   More on that tomorrow.