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NFL Draft Fantasy Fallout - Mario Manningham, Andre Caldwell

Only a few more reviews to finish up the draft, then it's time to start rankings and player commentary.  Guaranteed to be probably less dull!


Mario Manningham (95th overall) freaking broke my heart in 2006 with a last-second catch to beat my Nittany Lions so I’m glad he was drafted by the Giants, where he’ll be lucky to even see the field.  The Giants have a roster full of wide receivers that are not only ahead of Manningham on the depth chart, but are heroes that will go down forever in the annals of Giants history.  Try overtaking David Tyree now punk!   Ha!

Andre Caldwell (97th overall) is best known for being the younger brother of NFL receiver Reche Caldwell.  He may also become known for being the latest in a string of overrated WR busts coming out of the University of Florida.  The Bengals drafted another wide receiver (Jerome Simpson) earlier in the draft, so it’s unlikely that Caldwell will get much playing time barring injury.  Still, with Johnson and Houshmandzadeh unlikely to be with the Bengals forever (or even through this season), Caldwell could have some value in dynasty leagues.