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NFL Draft Fantasy Fallout - Early Doucet, Harry Douglas

Ever since Bryan Johnson left the Cardinals in free agency, the Cardinals have needed a solid possession receiver.  Early Doucet (81st overall) looks like a good option to fill that role.  Doucet was once considered among the very best WR in college football, but a lingering groin injury hampered him last season and caused him to plummet down the draft list.  Doucet may not have blazing speed anymore, but that’s not a problem in Arizona as they have plenty of speed already.   If the Great Matt Leinart Breakout occurs this season, Doucet could have value as an injury/fill-infantasy option. 


Is Matt Ryan going to be any good for fantasy owners this season?  Probably not, which doesn’t bode well for Harry Douglas (84th overall), a small, very fast receiver drafted by the Falcons.  There’s an opportunity for Douglass (or anybody for that matter) to break out of the Atlanta receiving corps, but it’s not likely to be this season.