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Won't Somebody Think Of The Children?!! - Travis Henry Released


The big fantasy news of the day is that the Broncos have released RB Travis Henry , allegedly because his "commitment to the team was in question".   That could be the reason, or you can read that as code for any number of things -- injury, upcoming suspension, personal issue, etc.   Henry – who has nine children from nine different women – is going to need to find a job pretty quickly but shouldn’t have a problem doing it.  He’ll turn up somewhere by the time the season opener rolls around.

Whatever it is Henry did or didn’t do, the Broncos don’t want any part of him despite the fact that they don’t have another decent running back on the roster.  If they’re starting to believe their own “Anybody can run in the Denver system” hype, they’re in deep trouble.   Just last week they signed Michael Pittman as a free agent, but he’s not an every-Sunday starting RB anymore.  Mike Bell, Andre Hall and Selvin Young make up the rest of the good (ha-ha) choices, along with rookie Ryan Torain (who suddenly moves up the sleeper list).   They could also end up signing a veteran free agent RB (Shaun Alexander?) in the next few months as well.

Right now it’s impossible to know who’s going to start at running back for the Broncos, and anybody who says they know is lying.  There may not even BE a consistent starter in Denver:  they might just roll out Hall one week, Pittman the next, start Torain and replace him with Young at halftime the following week, and keep that up all season.   A healthy Travis Henry in Denver was a lock for 1000 yards, with a very good shot at 1200+ yards.   Right now I can’t say any single Bronco RB will finish the season with 800 rushing yards.