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The Fantasy Player's Dilemna

My AL-Only team, currently tied for 8th place, has a dilemna. I recently claimed a $1 Andy Marte off the waiver wire and activated a $2 Eric Chavez. On Friday, The Oakland A's recalled outfielders Travis Buck and Carlos Gonzalez. Both players are $5 and on my reserve.

The dilemna? I have no obvious place to activate either Buck or Gonzalez. Due to position-eligibility issues, I can waive a corner (occupied by Marte and Chavez) or two outfielders. With an OF of Kevin Youkilis (he'd go to the corner), Carlos Gomez ($25), Melky Cabrera ($12), Ben Francisco ($5) and Shannon Stewart ($6), I would likely consider Stewart and Marte as the two players to waive.

Given the offensive make over occurring in Cleveland, Francisco has locked down regular ABs in the outfield. With Travis Hafner going on the D.L., the DH spot is open so the Indians can work Marte into regular ABs by either playing Casey Blake at DH and Marte at 3B or vise versa. Either way, Marte looks like he will get his chance to shed the busted prospect label.

I can wait to activate Buck and Gonzalez until June 15th, though. As long as a player gets disabled or sent to the minors and I can manage the positional issues, this may be my best course. Otherwise, I will have to make a tough choice and cut a protectable player in this very deep AL-Only keeper league.

This leads to a less-subtle, but no more important, dilemna. I am in 8th place. Should that influence my course of action? And if so, does it change my options?