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NFL Draft Fantasy Fallout - Malcolm Kelly, Limas Sweed


The Redskins needed a weapon at wide receiver, so they went out and drafted Devin Thomas.  Then, only seventeen picks later, they drafted Malcolm Kelly (51st overall) which gives Washington a lot of wide receivers to work with.  As I’d said in my review of Devin Thomas , there is room in the starting lineup for one rookie wide receiver, but barring multiple injuries there probably isn’t room to two.  That would seem to leave Kelly on the outside looking in, unless Antwaan Randle-El can’t come back from off-season surgery.


At one point, ESPN had rated Limas Sweed (53rd overall) as the best receiver in college football.  Nagging injuries and off-season surgery dropped him down the draft list though, and he ended up on a Steelers team with two very good receivers already. Come to think of it, they have two very good running backs too.   It’s hard to see how there will be enough balls to go around with all the offensive firepower they have on this squad.  Sweed may have more raw talent than either Hines Ward or Santonio Holmes, but for now Sweed is sitting at #3 on the depth chart.  He probably won’t play any fantasy role this season, though his long-term fantasy potential is quite high.  He’s somebody to hold on to in dynasty leagues.