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New York Mets Fire Willie Randolph! So What?

Leaning over this morning's NY Post while waiting for my coffee to finish brewing, the main Mets story was about GM Omar Minaya flying out to Los Angeles. No big deal. That isn't exactly news as he did the same thing a couple weeks ago in Colorado.

With a hot cup of joe, I tapped the mouse to take the computer out of sleep mode and went to check my email. The news headline in Yahoo! read "Mets Manager Willie Randoplh Fired."

With my eyes still filled with sleep, I immediate began to think, "So what." Did Willie decide the back-up 1B job can be adequately filled by Damion Easley and Marlon Anderson? Did he decide they were adequate back-ups in the OF, too? Did Willie decide Brad Wilkerson and Ben Broussard, both back-up 1B/OFs, weren't worth bringing him?

Unless interim manager Jerry Manuel can keep Moises Alou healthy (who decided to rely on a relatively healthy Alou?) or return Carlos Delgado to the days when he was a better option than Marlins' 1B Mike Jacobs (who traded one for the other?), the Mets will continue to be the team they have been for most of the past season and a half - a .500ish ball club.