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MLB Trade Rumors: ESPN's Jayson Stark

With the non-waiver trade deadline less than two months away, the trade rumor mill is beginning to gear-up.  Regardless of the actual number of games back, teams that have been in last place for the first 10 weeks of the season give the appearance of being really bad.  Therefore, they will become a source of trade speculation.

I know it is early because the New York Yankees and Oakland A's haven't been specifically tied to any one player.  Until they are, one can only consider current trade rumors pure speculation.  The big signal that trade season has opened will be Peter Gammons "breaking" rumors about offers for any of the popular Oakland A's - Joe Blanton, Huston Street.

Here are some trade rumors from Jayson Stark' latest Rumblings column:

  • Matt Holliday, Colorado Rockies:
    Do not need quantity as the Rangers did last year when they dealt Mark Teixeira
    Do want "impact" but not a specific number of players.  Suggests a Jay bruce type of prospect would do it.  Of course, doesn't suggest who'd be able to pay that kind of price.
    Not necessarily young players.  Just those controllable longer than 2009
    Will only deal Holliday or Garrett Atkins
  • Pittsburgh Pirates:
    will hold onto to their veterans like Jason Bay and Xavier Nady to cahse .500
  • Seattle Mariners:
    Do not have anything they'd trade that other teams want.
  • Ken Griffey Jr.:
    Not going anywhere.  His bat has slowed too much for him to be an impact slugger.

Over at , Jim Molony offers up several possible trade targets. He mentions Holliday, Griffey and the Pirates' outfielders as Mr. Stark did.  He also offers up Cleveland Indians' LHP C.C. Sabathia, San Diego Padres' RHP Greg Maddux and RF Brian Giles along with Texas Ranger teammates C Gerald Laird and DH/OF Milton Bradley.