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The New New York Mets Top 10 Prospects And Other Baseball Notes

Last week's MLB draft added players to every team's minor league systems.  The stronger organizations will absorb these new prospects without signinifcant change to their Top 10 prospects.  Others, like the New York Mets, will see their top picks go right into the Top 10 without a single professional AB.

Jim Callis of Baseball America offers the mid-season Top 10 prospects post-draft for the New York Mets.  (2008 draftees are bolded.)  Click through to read his short take on each of them along with a list of teams whose 1st round pick immediately becomes his organization's top prospect.

1. Fernando Martinez, of
2. Ike Davis, 1b
3. Reese Havens, ss
4. Jon Niese, lhp
5. Dan Murphy, 3b
6. Mike Carp, 1b
7. Eddie Kunz, rhp
8. Brad Holt, rhp
9. Javier Rodriguez, of
10. Nick Evans, 1b


There is no bigger fan of Carlos Gomez in fantasy punditry, so this pains me to mention.  (ed:  As much as it pains a Republican to admit John McCain is non-telegenic or a Democrat to admit Barack Obama is the farthest left candidate they could have nominated?)  Carlos Gomez' last successful steal occurred on May 25.  Since then he has been caught five times.  If Gomez doesn't successfully swipe bases, his defense against the OBP attacks on him will cause more damage.


Through June 9th, the American League SLG up to .404.  That still seems low when a batter like Carlos Gomez slugs .408, but the AL SLG is up from .396 through May 28th.


Jim Leyland announced Pudge Rodriguez and Brandon Inge will split time at catcher with each dons the Tools of Ignorance every other day.  With 14 games at C, Inge already qualifies there for 2009 in many fantasy formats.  The gold standard for position-eligibility is 20 games.  Let's hope Inge gets there before the mercurial Leyland changes his mind.

"The main reasons for the move are his desire to see Inge catching on a regular basis, and his hope that "less is better" for Rodriguez, who is hitting .245 with one homer and 21 RBIs.

But the underlying theme is the future. Rodriguez's five-year, $50 million contract (which pays him $13 million this season) is in its final year. Inge could very well be the regular catcher when Rodriguez leaves the Tigers."