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Baseball America Prospect Hot Sheet: Chase Headley

Baseball America's Prospect Hot Sheet  is out and it is headed by just what San Diego Padres' fans need - a major league player who can hit and plays a position other than 1B.  LF Chase Headley heads the list and likely won't be eligible much longer.  A major league teams that bats Paul MAnulty 5th really can't call themselves "contenders". 

Before too long, I expect 2B Matt Antonelli to be recalled, too.  Pushing McAnulty and current 2B Tadito Iguchi into reserve roles makes the Padres that much better by putting McAnulty's patience and power into a pinch-hitting role and allowing the Padres to use Iguchi at 3B late in games without a precipitous drop in offensive ability.  (Yes, that says a lot about the Padres clean-up hitter, 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff.)

Nevermind the rumors that the Padres are interested in adding a AAA CF to displace whatever currently passes for CF in San Diego right now - Jim Edmonds and Scott Hairston hitting 178/265/233 and 210/257/400 respectively.  Adding Cory Sullivan and Matt Antonelli would also add an element of speed that is missing this year for the Padres.  The team has just eight stolen bases in a mere eleven attempts.

Here are a few other notable propsects.  Click through to get the whole list.  Remember there is a chat at 2:30 about it.

1. Chase Headley, San Diego Padres
2. Max Ramirez, Texas Rangers
3. Michael Saunders, Seattle Mariners
7. Fernando Martinez, New York Mets
10. James McDonald, Los Angeles Dodgers
11. Jason Donald, Philadelphia Phillies