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Hopeless: Adam Lind As A Toronto Blue Jay

The same-game injuries to SSs David Eckstein and John McDonald forced the Blue Jays to recall a player who can sit on the bench in case utility infielder Marcus Scutaro also gets hurt while playing SS.  To add this fourth-string SS, Adam Lind was sent back to AAA after going 1-19.  The emergency SS? Jorge Valendia!

Lind was called-up on the 26th of April following the Blue Jays decision to cut Frank Thomas rather than let him reach an AB total that kicked in a $10MM contract for 2009.  This move was near-universally lauded by the fantasy baseball commentariat with most projecting Lind to produce quality numbers.

I did not run with that herd.  At the time, I cited the Jays' organizational behavior in signing Thomas in 2006 for two years and signing LF Shannon Stewart this Spring as reasons for caution.  Those moves signalled little belief in Lind's abilities.  Additionally, the Jays gave LF/DH Matt Stairs a two-year contract this winter which serves to block Lind's AB opportunites in 2009.

Now, he has been demoted to AAA in favor of Jorge Valendia.  There is no reason for any fantasy player to believe anything but the worst for Adam Lind as long as he is a Blue Jay.  Or J.P. Ricciardi's regime remains in control.