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NFL Draft Fantasy Fallout - Colt Brennan, Andre Woodson, Matt Flynn, Alex Brink

This wraps up the rest of the quarterbacks taken in the 2008 NFL Draft.  Some big time college names which have become small time NFL names:

Colt Brennan (186th overall) - With Jason Campbell established as the starter and Todd Collins coming off a great performance as the backup, there's not much room left for Brennan.  He should muscle his way into the #3 slot, but barring a string of injuries he won't see any playing time.

Andre Woodson (198th overall) - This was one of the bigger drops in the draft, as Woodson had been projected as a first round pick in some of the earlier Mock Drafts.  Unfortunately for him he was taken by the Giants, where he has the reigning Super Bowl MVP and a six-year veteran ahead of him on the depth chart.  He has a long, long way to go to find any playing time in the NFL.

Matt Flynn (209th overall) - If you're Aaron Rodgers, you have to be seriously pissed right now.  Not only do the Packers draft Brian Brohm to give you a hard time, they pick up this guy in the 7th round just to rub it in your face.  

Alex Brink (223rd overall) - He may have a future running the scout team, but I don't know how much that pays.  Maybe he should consider retraining into IT or something.  The Texans have Matt Schaub, Sage Rosenfels and the promising Quinn Gray on the roster already which doesn't look like there's much left for Brink.  Still, if he can bump Gray out of the #3 slot, and the Texans lose QBs the way they did last season...nope, he still won't play.

Coming up next....running backs!