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NFL Draft Fantasy Fallout - Kevin O'Connell, Dennis Dixon, Josh Johnson, Eric Ainge

Here are the next four quarterbacks taken in the draft.  While these guys won't be starting anytime soon, you should at least know who they are.  It's good to be thorough.

Kevin O'Connell (94th overall) - He was great in "Sliders", though I wasn't a big fan of "Crossing Jordan".  Wait, that's Jerry O'Connell.  Then who's Kevin O'Connell?  And why are the Patriots drafting a quarterback?   Confusion reigns!  Apparently New England backup QB Matt Cassell is on the way out, so if O'Connell comes out of camp as the #2, and Brady gets injured, you know what to do.

Dennis Dixon (156th overall) -- He'll fight it out with Jared Zabransky for the right to backup Charlie Batch (He's still in the league.  Seriously) who is backing up Big Ben Roethlisberger.  Unless Ben crashes his motorcycle into Batch's car (a scenario more likely than you'd think), Dixon won't be heard from this season.

Josh Johnson (160th overall) - Hey!  Who's the smart-ass who wrote "Quarterback" on our draft board?!  Dammit, stop laughing!  For the record, the Buccaneers roster now includes (in alphabetical order): Jeff Garcia, Bruce Gradkowski, Brian Griese, Chris Simms and Luke McCown.  And Johnson makes six.  

Eric Ainge (162nd overall) - Normally, you'd think Ainge wouldn't have a chance at playing time with two experienced starters like Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens ahead of him.  Considering the way quarterbacks get injured on that team, you never know.  Ainge doesn't have any fantasy value, but if the Jets ever get sick of Pennington (or his warranty expires) you could see Ainge sitting in the #2 slot.