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Kansas City Royals Prospects Update

In his weekly XM Radio show "Down On The Farm", John Sickels interviewed the Kansas City Royals Director of Player Development J.J. Picollo.  I admit my fantasy radar didn't really spike on any players mentioned, but here is a synopsis of some of the players mentioned.  First, Mr. Picollo's comments are listed.  Then I provide a blurb from John Sickels' prospect book.

  1. CF Jose Duarte: Can play defense in majors right now.  Needs to learn to bunt as a weapon
  2. OF Joe Dickerson: "Blue collar guy".  Well-rounded.
  3. OF Derrick Robinson: Expect to drive more balls.  Has improved his jumps on basepaths
  4. RHP Blake Wood: Has strikeout pitch with curveball.  AA by mid-season.
  5. Mike Moustakas:  Left Burlington after five days feeling better about him than when he arrived.  Being pitched to like a "ten-year veteran".  Not swinging and missing.
  6. RHP Edward Cegarra: Ahead of other 19-year-olds with fastball command.  Can use breaking ball and change-up to get out Low A hitters
  7. 3B Jason Taylor: Missed 2007 with personal issues.  Consistent swing.  good pitch recognition.  Currently 5 HR/10 SB and 18 BB in 83 ABs.
From The Baseball Prospect Book 2008 with Grades:
  1.  Duarte Grade C - Although he's not a walk machine, he works the count fairly well and generally makes contact.  his level swing does not generate home run power, but he's got some punch to the gaps.
  2.  Dickerson Grade C- don't see him as more than a reserve outfielder unless he shows significant offensive production
  3.  Robinson Grade C - The wheels are certainly impressive and I like his glove, but he's got to draw more walks and hit with more authority...
  4.  Wood  Grade C+ - ...a definite breakthrough candidate for 2008...features a 92-95 MPH fastball.  Both his curveball and change-up have potential to be plus pitches...keep an eye on his K/BB and K/IP ratios.  If they are strong, Wood could advance a lot faster than people think.
  5.  Moustakas Grade B+ - ...has power to all fields, should hit for average, and shows reasonable strike sone judgment.
  6.  Cegarra - He's very young...making it in full-season ball....he gets his fastball into the low 90s and has a promising breaking ball..He has some upside if he gains some size and strength.
  7.  Taylor - Not listed.  Ranked 3rd in the organization at 3B by Baseball America behind Fernando Cruz and Mario Lisson.