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NFL Draft Fantasy Fallout - Jordy Nelson

Led by the great Brett Favre, the Green Bay Packers had a fantastic offense last season.  They bring back all of the key pieces from that powerhouse offense this season – except  for the Brett Favre part.  How Aaron Rodgers will perform is still a big question mark, which makes it even riskier to take a chance on Jordy Nelson (36th overall) this season.


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Nelson was human highlight film at Kansas State, catching practically everything thrown at him on his way to a consensus All-American senior season.  At Green Bay, he’s the WR3 at best behind Donald Driver and Greg Jennings.   Although the Packers have released Koren Robinson, Nelson will still need to deal with fellow receivers Ruvell Martin and James Jones.  There’s no guarantee that Nelson will even get to fourth on the Packers’ depth chart.


Jordy Nelson was an exciting player in college, but this isn’t college. I don’t see any way Nelson has a fantasy impact this season unless Driver and/or Jennings suffers an injury AND Aaron Rodgers turns out to be better than expected.  Don’t bother drafting Nelson this season.