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NFL Draft Fantasy Fallout - John David Booty

On Friday my computer power supply gave up like Matt Serra at UFC 83.  A quick trip to the store (how much for a power supply?!) and I'm back in business!

It's Booty Time!

Trying to follow two great quarterbacks like Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart at USC had to be hard for John David Booty (137th overall).  As it turned out it was too hard, because he never lived up to the Heisman-level expectations heaped upon him.  

Still, the Vikings traded up in the fifth round to grab him despite signing Gus Frerotte as a backup in the offseason.  So, is Booty a threat to push much-maligned starter Tarvaris Jackson out of the starting role?

The Associated Press says no

Though Booty brings more of a pro-ready profile from USC than Jackson developed at Alabama State, the selection of Booty should actually further confirm Minnesota's commitment to Jackson.

The Vikings had the chance to take Louisville's Brian Brohm or Michigan's Chad Henne in the second round on Saturday, but they moved up to draft Arkansas State safety Tyrell Johnson instead.

The problem is that the Associated Press is stupid.

The fact that the Vikings passed on Brohm and Henne - something a lot of teams did - doesn't mean the Vikings aren't worried about Jackson.  They spent the offseason trying to trade for an experienced NFL starter - Houston's Sage Rosenfels being one target - to provide "depth".  Although in this case I think "depth" is code for "Plan B".

I don't want this to become yet another Tarvaris Jackson bash-fest.  The fact is that Booty is a talented, if injury-prone, young quarterback who played at the highest level of college football, in a pro-style west coast offense, taught by a former NFL coach.   The Vikings need a Plan B for Jackson, they've already admitted as much.  Right now it's not Gus Frerotte, it's John David Booty.

The Vikings are amazingly stubborn when it comes to Tarvaris Jackson and there's no reason to believe they'll bench him barring a Harrington-like collapse.  If Jackson gets injured though - and he missed a quarter of last season - Booty should be the one who sees playing time this season.  

Booty doesn't have any value in fantasy leagues and you shouldn't draft him.  Still, keep an eye on him.  The Vikings start off the season at Green Bay on MNF and then host Indianapolis.  If Minnesota starts the season 0-2, the grumbling could start.  If the calls to bench Jackson grow, or if Jackson gets hurt again, jump on the Booty Bandwagon.

(I've been waiting the entire post to type that. )