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NFL Draft Fantasy Fallout - Devin Thomas

Unlike the situation that Donnie Avery finds himself in, Devin Thomas (34th overall) finds himself in Washington, where he has all the things he needs to succeed.



Stout offensive line?  Check.  Experienced quarterback?  Check.   Solid running game?  Check.  Position in the starting lineup just waiting for him?   Almost.


Thomas comes into camp fighting with fellow rookie Malcolm Kelly for the Redskins’ WR3 slot.  Santana Moss is entrenched at WR1 and Antwaan Randle-El is the WR2, but Randle-El is coming off knee surgery so there’s an opening right now.  And let’s face it, Randle-El has made himself a nice career, but he’s not going to be a world-class wide receiver.


Some day, Thomas might be.  Thomas will have every opportunity to earn a starting role and, at a muscular 6’2", 215 lbs, he seems perfect for a WR3 that goes over the middle to make the tough catch.  He actually has less overall fantasy value in that role than he would have as a primary receiver, but it provides more consistency which has a value in itself.  Thomas is unlikely to have a huge fantasy game, but he’s also unlikely to get shut out.  Expect the type of production that Dwayne Bowe and Bernard Berrian put forward last season – and possibly more if Randle-El is late coming back from injury.


Thomas may also run back kicks, which would provide even more value if you league scores for that.  Assuming he fights off Malcolm Kelly in camp, Thomas should be a decent late wide receiver for your fantasy team. 


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