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NFL Draft Fantasy Fallout - Donnie Avery

Rookie wide receivers almost always disappoint fantasy owners.  I think that’s because it’s so easy to overlook all the other factors (offensive line, quarterback, running game) that affect a wide receiver’s performance.  A stud running back can excel mostly by himself.  A stud wide receiver needs a lot of help, no matter how good he is.


That said, the fantasy prospects for Donnie Avery (33rd overall) are decidedly mixed.  As the first WR taken in the draft he should be a fantasy stud, but the other factors I mentioned above don’t look promising.  Despite some improvements, the Rams’ offensive line is still a mess and QB Marc Bulger is coming off an injury-filled season that was the worst of his career.  


On the positive side, Avery should start the season as the Rams WR2 behind Torry Holt so he’ll see plenty of playing time.   He’s fast – 4.34 in the 40 fast – but at 5’11", 186 lb he’s a little small for a receiver.  But he’s fast, did I mention that?

Last year Isaac Bruce finished with stats of 733 receiving yards and 4 receiving TDs as the Rams WR2 and I think that’s the absolute ceiling on what you can expect from Avery this season.  He could be worth a late round pick as a fantasy WR5.


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