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BABIP Leaders and Laggards

The Top 10 leaders and laggards in BABIP for the coming week are below. Remember leading or lagging in BABIP are contrarian indicators. These are pitchers due for a fall (leading) or for improvement (lagging). I have used a screen of at least three starts to compile these Top 10s. The last column indicates whether the pitcher starts on Monday(M) or Tuesday (T). Under a seven-game week, pitchers starting on either day would be in line for two starts during the week.

Low BABIP. Sit?:

1 Greg Reynolds COL 0.167 N
2 Shaun Marcum TOR 0.173 M
3 Gavin Floyd CHA 0.176 N
4 Claudio Vargas NYN 0.192 N
5 Armando Galarraga DET 0.205 N
6 Shawn Estes SDN 0.217 N
7 Ryan Dempster CHN 0.218 M
8 Darrell Rasner NYA 0.218 M
9 Tim Redding WAS 0.226 N
10 Scott Olsen FLO 0.228 N

High BABIP. Start?:

1 Nick Adenhart ANA 0.391 N
2 Bronson Arroyo CIN 0.383 N
3 Andrew Miller FLO 0.382 T
4 Jo-Jo Reyes ATL 0.38 N
5 Miguel Batista SEA 0.379 T
6 Matt Belisle CIN 0.374 N
7 Garrett Olson BAL 0.372 M
8 Jorge De La Rosa COL 0.367 M
9 Chris Sampson HOU 0.358 N
10 Jarrod Washburn SEA 0.357 N