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NFL Draft Fantasy Fallout - Mike Hart and Five Other Guys

Wrapping up the last running backs from the NFL Draft:


Lex Hilliard (202nd overall) is a bruising runner who will be lucky to make the roster.  The Dolphins  have a lot of running backs right now, but none of them have a name as cool as “Lex”


Hey, aren’t you Mike Hart (204th overall)?  Didn’t you used to be a star?  The big-time running back from Michigan slipped all the way to the sixth round as scouts felt he was too small and didn’t have the pass-catching skills needed to succeed in the NFL.  His sleeper potential dropped after the Colts signed Dominic Rhodes as a free agent backup, but if Hart makes the team his name would come up if there were injuries.   Not worth a roster slot right now, but worth keeping an eye on.


At USC, Chauncey Washington (213th overall) was lost among talented running backs, now he’ll be lost among talented running backs in Jacksonville.  With Taylor and Jones-Drew heading up the rushing duties, Washington will be hard-pressed to even make the team.


The Seahawks already have more than enough running backs, so it’s unlikely Justin Forsett (233rd overall) will have any impact at all.  He could find a place on special teams, but even with injuries – a lot of injuries – he won’t have any fantasy value.


Cory Boyd (238th overall) could find a role with the Buccaneers...but probably not.


Have you ever wondered who replaced Adrian Peterson as the starting running back at Oklahoma?  Me neither. But the answer is Allen Patrick (240th overall).  That lineage sounds pretty good, but it won’t help Patrick that the Ravens already have a star in Willis McGahee and they drafted Ray Rice in the second round.