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NFL Draft Fantasy Fallout - Tim Hightower, Marcus Thomas


If you’re looking for one rookie sleeper running back from this year’s draft, go with Tim Hightower (149th overall).   He’s big (6’0", 221 lbs), he’s powerful and he finished his career with 1924 rushing yards and 20 rushing touchdowns in 2007.   While all those things are positives, the reason he’s the RB sleeper of the draft is the  fact that he was drafted by the Cardinals and it’s only a matter of  time before Edgerrin James breaks down.  With only Marcel Shipp and J.J. Arrington ahead of him on the depth chart, Hightower should see playing time immediately on special teams, and may see a few goal line carries early on.  If Edge goes down though, Hightower should be the man.




Michael Turner has left for Atlanta, so Marcus Thomas (166th overall) is the new Michael Turner.  Thomas is a big guy (6’2", 215 lbs) but not particularly fast or agile.  That’s ok, he doesn’t need to be fast or agile.  When he spells LaDanian Tomlinson, he just has to barrel through that gigantic San Diego offensive line.  Thomas is a late round handcuff if you draft LT, but that’s about it.


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