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Top 10 Rookie Hitters And Pitchers By VORP

Fantasy players love rookies for reasons that defy the player's actual production. With the traditonal bail post of Memorial Day fast approaching, here is a list ot the Top 10 rookies as measured by Baseball Prospectus' VORP:

Value Over Replacement Player. The number of runs contributed beyond what a replacement-level player at the same position would contribute if given the same percentage of team plate appearances. VORP scores do not consider the quality of a player's defense.

Why VORP and not SBs, HRs, RBIs, or AVG, categories that fantasy players really care about? Because VORP is not a fantasy category but a measure of real-life baseball contributions. Using it may give the fantasy player a better idea of which players will do well enough on the real diamond and thus be more likely to get playing time next year.

There are some rookies who have not played enough or played well enough to show up on a VORP Top 10, but that can be remedied by time. So don't bail early! "Hey, David Murphy was in the Top 10 rookie hitters by VORP. That is why I dealt for him instead of Evan Longoria."

Top 10 Rookie Hitters by VORP:

Geovany Soto CHN 0.422 0.614 20.4
Kosuke Fukudome CHN 0.421 0.45 12.8
Blake Dewitt LAN 0.391 0.513 12
Jacoby Ellsbury BOS 0.377 0.396 10.9
Joey Votto CIN 0.338 0.543 8.8
David Murphy TEX 0.33 0.48 8.2
Gregor Blanco ATL 0.421 0.359 5.4
Carlos Gomez MIN 0.298 0.4 5.3
Ryan Sweeney OAK 0.353 0.392 5.3
Ben Francisco CLE 0.404 0.581 5.1
Top 10 Rookie Pitchers by VORP:

Jair Jurrjens ATL 3.31 0.282 15.4
John Lannan WAS 3.23 0.308 12.1
James Johnson BAL 3 0.164 10.9
Nick Blackburn MIN 1.57 0.346 9.7
Aaron Laffey CLE 1.69 0.214 9.7
Gregory Smith OAK 3.26 0.265 9.6
Joey Devine OAK 2.95 0.273 7.6
Hiroki Kuroda LAN 2.67 0.277 6.8
Jesse Carlson TOR 2.45 0.239 6.7
Kyle McClellan SLN 3.32 0.306 6.6